Refund policy

The customer may cancel the order, return or exchange the product. You can only return products that cost no more than 3000 NIS. Order cancellation must happen before the order is shipped. If the product is already shipped the cancellation of the order will happen only after the product is returned.

Returning or replacing the product is only allowed if the product is in the condition it was in when purchased, has the label and a document proving the purchase of the product. The document can be a registered mail note from the Israel Post or an invoice for the transaction

Any cancellation or replacement must be arranged in advance with the company representative on phone 0525655582. If a cancellation or replacement is not arranged with the company representative, the product will not be returned. Determining cancellation or exchange must happen before sending the product back to us.

From the date of receipt of the product until the end of the next business day, the product can be returned to us (after determining a refund or exchange) the product must be sent to us by registered mail to the address:

Bogdana Ravvinska

Ashdod, Shoham 16 apt. 48


Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (cancellation of a transaction), 2010-5771 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5771-1981