Privacy policy

Baltic Jewelry understands the importance of the privacy of website visitors and respects their privacy when using the website. Baltic Jewelry's privacy policy in relation to this website is detailed in the "Privacy Policy" appendix of Baltic Jewelry attached to these regulations and appearing on the website (hereinafter - "Privacy Policy") and is an integral part of these regulations. By using the website, the user also agrees to the content of the privacy policy (changes in the privacy policy must be updated from time to time). The privacy policy will apply to the personal details actively provided by the user for the purpose of registering for the Baltic Jewelry customer club in accordance with the Baltic Jewelry requirement (including in relation to inclusion in a database and direct mail).

Any other information collected by Baltic Jewelry and/or received by it in relation to the user (which is not personal information actively entered by the user - subject to the privacy policy with the exception of the information subject to the privacy policy or a separate express agreement between Baltic Jewelry and the user) as well as any message, material or content sent or uploaded to this website via e-mail or in any other way, including data, questions, responses, suggestions, etc., will be considered non-confidential information and not protected by any rights, will not be subject to privacy protection, and will be treated accordingly. All content transmitted or uploaded to the website becomes the property of Baltic Jewelry, which will be entitled to reproduce, publish, disclose, transmit, upload to the website or use this information in any other form, for any purpose. Customer details are not transferred to third party